7 Useful Mobile Apps for a Writer Wannabe

Mobile Apps for a Writer Wannabe

It’s not easy to be a writer. Writing is all about ideas and inspirations. A good writer does all it takes to perfect his work, efficiently transforming his ideas into beautiful words that come together and create a perfect craft.

Luckily, applications have been made for mobile devices that are very useful for aspiring writers. As smart phones and tablets that can do word processing came to flourish every year, the ability of every writer to express their feelings is easier. We listed seven beneficial mobile writing for every writer.

A Novel Idea

When you have too many ideas in mind while writing, you might get overwhelmed to organize all the details of your story or novel. This app can help you break down the parts of your plot and improve the elements of your story like the locations, characters and the scenes and link them together after you’ve organized everything.

The app’s highlight is its idea feature wherein you can jot down your ideas and connect them to your story elements. The application is also user-friendly, all you need to do is drag and drop your ideas. This app is first on the list because it’s not easy to gather all your ideas and thoughts but with this app, writing would be way easier than you thought.


Writing will never be easy but through Brainstormed it supports writers to think of amazing ideas and create ideas for journaling and rough sketching. With the app’s creative style of spinning the wheel, you can produce mixes and matches that make fancy ideas for writing.

Being on hold in one idea makes a writer lose all his enthusiasm writing but with Brainstormed it can support you to be creative. Even if you don’t use the suggested words on the spinning wheel but it will sharpen your brain to come up into a beautiful storyline and get your interest sparkle all over again.

Ever note

Everything is fast-paced in the hustle-bustle of urban life. To make it less hassle there is an app called Ever note that makes it easy for you to recall all the errands that you need to do for the day. You can also create checklists, write notes and organize web articles, documents and images. If you need something that manages your notes and getting all your tasks done then Ever note is your best friend.

This app is easy to share with friends especially on social networking sites like Face book, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It also syncs all the content that you need and updates between your tablet, computer or phone automatically. So, if you need something that manages your notes and getting all your tasks done then Ever note is your best friend.


To some writers, the English language is a bit difficult and sometimes we make mistakes. This kind of application highlights complex and long sentences and grammatical errors. With the usage of different colors, it makes the correction perfect.  

Hemingway should be on your phone because as a writer every word counts. Unnecessary vocabulary will only add up into confusion and will just have no purpose in your craft. So, if you need the utmost clarity and help on your grammar.

Mind Node

If you have a lot of ideas running around your head and you just want to lay them all out, then Mind Node is the perfect app for that. It gives you the ability to organize, brainstorm and brilliantly convey your thoughts. The crystal-clear interface you can generate and link thoughts together regardless if it’s complicated or not. Visit here https://www.mspy.co.uk/

Seeing your ideas right before you make it a lot easier to see and link them to any other unrelated topics. Mind Node lets you customize, highlight and color-code different branches. If you’re a visual thinker then this app is perfect for you as it organizes your ideas in the easiest format possible

List of Writers 

The core thing about writing is a good idea. If you are having a hard time thinking of inspiration for your write-ups and brainstorming sessions, this is the solution. The List of Writers gives a list of ideas and prompts of different types of writing. This app contains features like dictionary support that is very helpful for writers.

The best thing about this app is its notepad feature where you can jot down ideas as they spark wherever you are. If you don’t feel like browsing on google or you can’t think of creative ideas anymore, then this app is absolutely the best for you.


Getting out of focus is easy with the help of all those temptations. Be it like notifications from your Face book or updates from your favorite blogger and tons of different distractions from the web. But there’s an app that will help you limit yourself from all those distractions.

Self-control helps you to focus as it blocks certain sites that you usually visit or get notifications always. In this way, all you need to do is to sit and finish what you have written. If you can’t prevent yourself from being distracted then let the Self Control app take care for you.


Hopefully, the tools we have mentioned above can help in making things a lot easier for you. It’s already given that writing is a hard craft. But, what’s even harder is for a writer to get stuck and not write anything. Now, write away!