5 Best Indoor Plants for Workspace with No Windows

Plants for window

If you are looking for plants that will thrive well inside your office even without windows, it would be an easy task as many varieties fit this category. Indoor office plants do wonders for your workplace. Plants help clean the air; thus, improving the quality of air indoors. Putting lots of plants in an enclosed space can also improve moods, resulting in a boost in productivity. Moreover, displaying plants in the office adds colour, vitality, and glamour to the spaces, enhancing the overall appearance of your workplace. 

To enjoy the many benefits of indoor office plants, here are the top picks for an office building with no windows or uses blackout draperies. 


Philodendron has unique huge leaves known as heart leaves. These leaves are attractive and can grow well in different lighting conditions. If you notice that its stem is particularly slim and there are large spaces between the leaves, you may change the lighting in the room, as the plant needs more light at that moment. Also, make sure you have enough office space as philodendron can grow up to three feet long and six feet wide. 

Peacock Plants

Also known as Calathea makoyana, this plant grows leaves in vivid green. The peacock plant comes with various colours such as bright green, pale green, and dark green. The unique pattern of its leaves is akin to the eye-catching feathers of a peacock. Too much light can make its leaves pale and dull. Low or medium lighting is perfect for the peacock plant. 

Peace Lily 

The peace lily has a scientific name spathiphyllum, and typically sprouts a few single white flower petals. Find a position for your peace lily away from the sunlight, and watch it grow to its full potential. Peace lily can extend 24 to 40 inches tall. If you have fluorescent light, peace lilies would not mind. If a peace lily turns brown or black, most likely, it has received too much light. Also, peace lilies are natural air purifiers, making them healthy indoor office plants to have in your workplace. 

Aglaonema Plants

Aglaonema (also known as aglos or the Chinese evergreen) comes with several types, about 21 species. Its base is darker green, and the patterns are in lighter green. Some varieties feature pink and red colours in the stems and leaves. Aglaonema has small flowers and big oval-shaped leaves that change their colours from red to greenish-white. This perennial evergreen plant can survive poorly ventilated and lighted areas, making it an ideal plant for an office with no windows. 

English Ivy Plants

Growing English ivy in the workplace is uncomplicated as long as you make this plant happy. Ivy plants come from various cultivars, which means there is a wide array of ivies you can put in your office. There are all kinds of greens or those with irregular but beautiful patches of grey, yellow, cream, white, and black. English ivy also grows in different shapes of leaves. 

English ivies are climbers that can look like an artwork as they grasp the wall. While sunlight can encourage bright colours to show up on its leaves, it is not a prerequisite, so it is perfect for your office space. 

You can choose these indoor office plants to display in your workplace, even without windows. As you pick those that are easy to maintain, make sure the office plants will complement the overall design of the space and not ruin it.